Festival du Nouveau Cinéma 2011

Festival website for the 2011 edition built on Concrete CMS

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Software Engineer


Festival du Nouveau Cinéma



Contributed to the successful update of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma website, collaborating closely with the festival team to fulfill their requirements for the 2011 edition. As a key member of the project, my primary responsibility was to develop a customized plugin in Concrete5, empowering the website to accommodate a new event entry format seamlessly.

Through extensive analysis and understanding of the festival's needs, I identified the necessity for a streamlined event management system. Leveraging my expertise in web development and Concrete5, I crafted a bespoke plugin that seamlessly integrated with the existing infrastructure, providing an intuitive and efficient interface for managing the new event format.

In addition to plugin development, I took an initiative to optimize the website's performance to ensure a smooth user experience. Recognizing the impact of query efficiency on usability, I meticulously analyzed and refined numerous SQL queries throughout the project. By simplifying the queries, I significantly reduced request times, enhancing the website's responsiveness and overall performance.

My contributions not only facilitated the festival's seamless event entry management but also drastically improved the website's usability and performance. The successful implementation of the Concrete5 plugin and optimization of SQL queries played a pivotal role in ensuring a user-friendly experience for festival attendees and stakeholders.

By collaborating closely with the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma team, I made a lasting impact by delivering an updated website that met their needs, alongside enhanced performance through query optimizations.

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PHP, JavaScript