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As a software engineer at Nurun, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Michelin Canada, a prominent client, on the development and maintenance of their e-commerce website. In this role, I was responsible for implementing new features, addressing bug fixes, and supporting the introduction of new products to enhance Michelin Canada's online presence.

One of the notable projects I undertook during my tenure was the creation of multiple promotional microsites. These microsites played a crucial role in supporting Michelin Canada's numerous promotions across the country. Working closely with the Michelin Canada stakeholders, I utilized my technical expertise to design and develop these microsites, ensuring they effectively showcased the promotional campaigns and provided a seamless user experience.

As a software engineer, my focus was on building robust and scalable solutions. I leveraged various web technologies and frameworks to create visually appealing and responsive microsites. I implemented custom functionalities to meet the unique requirements of each promotional campaign, such as interactive elements, personalized offers, and integration with back-end systems for efficient data processing.

Additionally, I prioritized performance optimization and security in the development process. I conducted thorough testing and implemented necessary measures to ensure the microsites delivered optimal performance and protected user data.

Throughout the project, I collaborated closely with the Nurun team, Michelin Canada stakeholders, and other key members to understand their objectives and translate them into functional and visually appealing microsites. I actively participated in brainstorming sessions, provided technical recommendations, and iteratively refined the designs to align with Michelin Canada's brand guidelines.

By delivering high-quality promotional microsites, I contributed to the success of Michelin Canada's marketing initiatives and strengthened their online presence. Working in partnership with Nurun, I showcased my expertise in web development, problem-solving, and my commitment to delivering solutions that met and exceeded client expectations.

Overall, my experience working with Michelin Canada as a software engineer at Nurun showcased my ability to collaborate effectively, develop robust web solutions, and deliver projects that align with client objectives.

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JavaScript, C#