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During the early days of HTML5, I had the exciting opportunity to spearhead the development of an innovative educational application called Numérik. This groundbreaking application was designed for interactive whiteboards and aimed to enhance primary school children's mathematics learning experience through various pedagogical tools.

As the sole developer dedicated to the Numérik project, I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing the application. Leveraging the power of HTML5, we utilized cutting-edge features such as Canvas, Audio, and Video tags, enabling Numérik to operate seamlessly without relying on proprietary technologies like Flash. This decision ensured that the application was accessible and future-proof, aligning with the industry's shift towards open web standards.

Working closely with a small and dedicated team, we crafted the foundation of Numérik's solution, which continues to be utilized today. Simultaneously, my colleague focused on developing Alphabétik, an application dedicated to French language learning. Together, we established the core functionalities and frameworks that underpin these invaluable educational resources.

By capitalizing on the early advancements of HTML5, we laid the groundwork for both Numérik and Alphabétik, shaping their trajectories as enduring tools in the realm of interactive education. Through meticulous coding and innovative problem-solving, we built a solid and sustainable foundation that still serves as the backbone of these applications.

My involvement in the development of Numérik and Alphabétik not only showcased my technical expertise but also highlighted my ability to drive projects independently. Juggling multiple responsibilities, I successfully built the fundamental components of these applications, leaving a lasting impact on the educational landscape.

This experience during the formative years of HTML5 solidified my passion for utilizing cutting-edge technologies to create meaningful and impactful educational solutions. The collaborative and innovative nature of this project further honed my skills as a developer and reinforced my commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of educational experiences.

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