C2 Montreal — Mobile App 2012

First edition of the C2 Montreal mobile application

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C2 MontrealSid Lee



In 2012, as the application developer for the first edition of C2 Montreal, I played a key role in creating a mobile web application that revolutionized the attendee experience. The goal was to provide a user-friendly platform for event navigation, networking, and real-time engagement.

My primary focus was on developing robust functionalities that empowered attendees to connect, share, and interact seamlessly. Leveraging the LinkedIn API, I implemented a feature that automatically populated participants' profiles with their LinkedIn information, enabling easy discovery and networking opportunities. This personalization feature significantly enhanced attendees' ability to connect with like-minded professionals and arrange meaningful meetings.

Furthermore, I integrated real-time communication capabilities, allowing participants and speakers to engage in dynamic discussions and exchange ideas during and after presentations. By breaking down the barriers between the stage and the audience, I contributed to creating an inclusive and interactive environment that fostered meaningful dialogue.

To maintain a positive and constructive atmosphere, I implemented moderation features that allowed administrators to manage and remove inappropriate comments when necessary. This feature ensured that the platform remained conducive to valuable discussions and knowledge sharing.

Additionally, I developed a broadcasting feature that enabled administrators to send important messages and announcements to all users. This feature proved instrumental in informing attendees about impromptu shows and other noteworthy updates, enhancing their overall event experience.

Through my technical expertise and dedication, I significantly impacted the success of the C2 Montreal conference. By developing and implementing key functionalities, I facilitated connections, encouraged active participation, and contributed to the conference's objective of bridging the gap between business and creativity.

The first edition of C2 Montreal brought together a diverse and influential group of over 1300 participants from 37 countries, fostering more than 700 valuable business meetings. My contributions as the application developer helped create an engaging and interactive platform that facilitated connections, knowledge exchange, and meaningful collaborations among attendees.

Overall, my work on the C2 Montreal mobile web application demonstrated my ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies, deliver impactful functionalities, and enhance the user experience in a dynamic conference setting.

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