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Real estate microsites built on WordPress

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Software Engineer



I had the opportunity to collaborate with the esteemed MXO studio on an exciting project, involving the development of multiple microsites for real estate projects. Each microsite was meticulously crafted using WordPress as the foundation, and seamlessly deployed on MXO's robust infrastructure.

A notable highlight of my contributions during this collaboration was the creation of a custom WordPress plugin. This plugin was specifically designed to elegantly display apartment unit plans, organized by floor, providing potential buyers and visitors with an intuitive and informative browsing experience.

By leveraging the flexibility and extensibility of WordPress, we were able to develop a tailored solution that perfectly aligned with the unique requirements of the real estate projects. The plugin allowed for the effortless presentation of apartment unit plans in a visually appealing and user-friendly manner, enabling potential buyers to explore and evaluate their options with ease.

Working closely with the MXO studio, we ensured that the microsites we developed seamlessly integrated with their infrastructure, providing a cohesive and immersive online experience for visitors. The collaborative nature of our work fostered a strong partnership, allowing us to deliver high-quality microsites that effectively showcased the real estate projects and drove engagement.

The successful implementation of the WordPress plugin, coupled with the deployment of the microsites on MXO's infrastructure, solidified our ability to deliver innovative and customized solutions. The project's accomplishments exemplify the fruitful collaboration between MXO studio and myself, showcasing our commitment to excellence and our ability to leverage WordPress to create impactful online experiences for real estate projects.

Skills applied


PHP, JavaScript