CF Montreal — Mobile App 2.0

Second edition of a realtime soccer mobile app

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In the second edition of the Montreal CF mobile application, I actively contributed to improving the user experience by implementing key enhancements and updates.

Building upon the solid foundation established in the first version, we focused on refining the application's UI to align with the new graphic charter of the Montreal Football Club. The UI redesign aimed to create a visually cohesive and immersive experience, ensuring a strong brand presence for the club.

Additionally, we made a strategic decision to switch to a new notification service, enabling more efficient and reliable delivery of real-time updates to the fans. This change further enhanced the app's ability to keep users informed about game schedules, results, team standings, player information, and club news.

As the application developer, I had to integrate the UI redesign and ensure its adherence to the new graphic charter. By leveraging my technical expertise, I played a vital role in implementing the updated UI, enhancing the overall aesthetics and usability of the application.

Furthermore, my involvement extended to facilitating a smooth transition to the new notification service. By working closely with the team, I ensured the successful adoption of the new service, improving the app's ability to deliver timely and relevant notifications to users.

Through my contributions to the second edition of the Montreal CF mobile application, I showcased my proficiency in implementing impactful updates while maintaining a strong alignment with the club's brand identity. My attention to detail and collaboration with the team resulted in a polished and refined user experience.

The second edition of the Montreal CF mobile application demonstrated our commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction. By enhancing the UI and implementing a more efficient notification service, we successfully elevated the app's capabilities and solidified its position as an essential tool for fans to connect with the club.

In summary, my role as the application developer in the second edition of the Montreal CF mobile application encompassed implementing the UI redesign and integrating the new notification service. Through collaboration with the team, I contributed to delivering an enhanced user experience, reinforcing the connection between the Montreal Football Club and its passionate fanbase.

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