CF Montreal — Mobile App 1.0

First edition of a realtime soccer mobile app

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In 2012, I played a crucial role as the application developer for the first edition of the Montreal CF mobile application. Tasked with developing the back-end infrastructure, API and webviews, I collaborated closely with the dedicated iOS and Android developers to ensure a seamless integration of the webviews and API I provided.

Montreal CF, a professional soccer team newly welcomed into Major League Soccer, aimed to engage and connect with their fans through a mobile application. As the youngest team in MLS, they sought to stand out from other soccer apps in the market.

To make the application accessible to all fans, we opted for a hybrid approach. Leveraging my expertise, I developed the back-end infrastructure, API and created the webviews utilizing Angular. These webviews were then shared with the iOS and Android developers, who skillfully integrated them into their respective applications.

The mobile application featured a range of views designed to enhance the fan experience. Users could effortlessly access the game schedule, view live match results, stay up-to-date with team standings and player statistics, and explore comprehensive player profiles.

Real-time updates were a key component of the application. Push notifications were implemented to provide fans with timely information such as game start times, final scores, and club news. Additionally, I facilitated the integration of Twitter functionality, enabling fans to share their emotions and engage with the club in real-time.

The launch of the Montreal CF mobile application was a resounding success. Within just four days, the application soared to the top of the sports category in Canada. The inaugural game attracted significant attention, with the app being downloaded 7,000 times and generating 200 tweets, showcasing its immediate impact and fan engagement.

As the application developer, my expertise in developing the back-end infrastructure, API and webviews proved instrumental in shaping the core functionality of the application. By collaborating with the iOS and Android developers, I ensured the seamless integration of the webviews into their respective platforms, contributing to a unified and consistent user experience.

This project highlighted my ability to work effectively within a team, collaborating closely with other developers to deliver a high-quality mobile application. By leveraging my technical skills and contributing to key aspects of the application's development, I played a pivotal role in creating an immersive and engaging platform for fans to connect with the Montreal CF team.

Through this project, I demonstrated my capability to develop critical components of a mobile application, work collaboratively with diverse team members, and contribute to the overall success of the project. My commitment to delivering a seamless user experience and my technical proficiency as an application developer were fundamental in the creation of the Montreal CF mobile application, ultimately fostering a stronger connection between the team and their devoted fanbase.

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