Hydro-Québec global overhaul

Global overhaul of the commercial and residential websites

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As part of the Nurun team, I was entrusted with the task of undertaking a comprehensive revamp of the commercial and residential website for Hydro-Québec, a prominent state-owned company. The project was driven by the company's primary requirements of accessibility and the absence of a server for enhanced security.

Collaborating with a talented multidisciplinary team comprising developers, designers, and accessibility experts, we embarked on the journey of completely redesigning nearly 300 static pages. Our collective efforts resulted in a successful delivery that met Hydro-Québec's objectives.

To streamline the development process and enhance efficiency, I collaborated closely with two other developers to create templating and static page generation tools. At the time, such tools were not widely available in the web development landscape of 2012. Our pioneering work laid the foundation for automating the generation of static pages, a practice that has now become commonplace in modern web development.

The development of these tools required innovative thinking and a deep understanding of web technologies. We leveraged our expertise to create a robust and efficient system that empowered the development team to generate static pages effortlessly. By implementing these tools, we significantly reduced development time, ensuring a swift and seamless redesign process.

Working on this project was a rewarding experience that pushed the boundaries of web development practices at the time. The successful completion of the Hydro-Québec website overhaul showcased our team's ability to tackle complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions that met the client's specific requirements.

Our collaboration with Hydro-Québec not only resulted in a visually appealing and accessible website but also demonstrated our commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging web development trends. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and pioneering new tools, we were able to deliver a state-of-the-art website that exceeded expectations.

Through this project, I honed my technical skills, enhanced my understanding of accessibility principles, and developed a passion for pushing the boundaries of web development. This experience not only bolstered my expertise but also underscored my dedication to delivering exceptional results that align with client needs and industry standards.

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