Sea-Doo 2013

E-commerce website for the 2013 collection

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Software Engineer


Sea-Doo, Bombardier



As part of the team involved in the redesign of Sea-Doo's e-commerce site to showcase their exciting 2013 boat and watercraft collection, I took on the task of creating a new point of sale locator component.

Working on this project offered me a unique opportunity to contribute to the transformation of Sea-Doo's online presence and enhance the user experience for their customers. Collaborating with the development team, designers, and stakeholders, we embarked on the journey of revamping the e-commerce site to align with the new collection and brand vision.

One of the key components I was responsible for was the development of a robust and intuitive point of sale locator. This component played a crucial role in helping users find authorized Sea-Doo dealerships to purchase their desired boats and watercraft.

To create this locator, I leveraged my expertise in web development and UX design. I carefully analyzed the user journey and collaborated closely with the design team to create a seamless and visually appealing interface. Using modern web technologies, I implemented a dynamic and responsive locator that integrated seamlessly into the overall site architecture.

The locator component allowed users to search for authorized dealerships based on their location, providing them with convenient and relevant results. I focused on optimizing the performance and accuracy of the locator to ensure a smooth and reliable experience for users.

Throughout the project, I collaborated closely with the development team, receiving feedback and incorporating improvements based on user testing and stakeholder input. I implemented robust search algorithms, integrated mapping services, and ensured the locator was scalable and adaptable to future growth and updates.

By delivering a high-quality point of sale locator component, we enhanced the overall e-commerce experience for Sea-Doo's customers, facilitating their journey from product discovery to purchase. This project allowed me to showcase my technical skills, attention to detail, and ability to deliver practical solutions that meet both user and business needs.

Working on the Sea-Doo e-commerce redesign was a fulfilling experience that deepened my understanding of e-commerce best practices, UX design, and collaborative development processes. I am proud to have contributed to Sea-Doo's online presence and played a part in providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for their customers.

Skills applied


JavaScript, C#