Subledger SDK

Javascript SDK for a bookkeeping SaaS

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Software Engineer



I had the privilege of collaborating with Subledger, an innovative startup based in the San Francisco Bay Area, on a project aimed at providing developers with valuable tools to facilitate the adoption of their accounting API. In this capacity, my role involved developing their JavaScript Software Development Kit (SDK) based on their comprehensive API documentation.

Embracing a Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach throughout this project proved immensely beneficial. By meticulously crafting automated tests in parallel with the development process, I was able to detect and address bugs and inconsistencies within Subledger's API. This invaluable feedback not only helped ensure the stability and reliability of the API but also contributed to enhancing its overall performance and user experience.

Through collaborative efforts with Subledger's team, we created a robust and intuitive JavaScript SDK that streamlined the integration and utilization of their accounting API. This SDK served as a bridge between developers and Subledger's API, simplifying the process of incorporating accounting functionality into various applications and systems.

The meticulous TDD approach not only strengthened the SDK's reliability but also played a crucial role in refining Subledger's API, making it more stable and resilient. This ensured that the API was ready for a successful launch, offering a seamless experience for developers and end-users alike.

By leveraging my technical expertise and adopting a proactive approach to quality assurance, I played a vital role in contributing to Subledger's mission of providing developers with powerful tools to simplify accounting processes. This collaboration exemplifies the importance of thorough testing and iterative development practices in creating robust and reliable software solutions.

The successful completion of the JavaScript SDK for Subledger showcases our commitment to excellence and the collective effort made to enhance the developer experience and drive the adoption of their accounting API.

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